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A key for current and future developments in Quality of Experience resides in a rich and internationally recognized database of content of different sorts, and to share such a database with the scientific community at large. This Qualinet Databases platform takes the necessary steps to make them accessible to all researchers.

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Calls for datasets

Audiovisual datasets: Audiovisual datasets with MOS ratings.

HDR datasets: High Dynamic Range image and video datasets preferably with MOS ratings.

Audio datasets: Audio quality dataset using AAC, MP3 and AC3 encoding at bitrates between 64 kbits/s and 160 kbits/s, with MOS ratings.

Multiview datasets : (1) Large separation angle between two cameras (e.g. a meter or more) and/or significant lighting changes, (2) Content is less important, but a football or other sports game would be preferable, (3) Object motion and scene complexity do not matter (though the simpler the content/complexity the better), (4) Duration, resolution and other video parameters unimportant at the moment.

Light-field, point cloud and holographic datasets: Images from multiple plenoptic imaging modalities with annotations.


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