SPIE 2014

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The images in this folder have been used within the study:

Krasula, L.; Narwaria, M.; Le Callet, P.; "An automated approach for tone mapping operator parameter adjustment in security applications," 
Optics, Photonics, and Digital Technologies for Multimedia Applications, SPIE Photonics Europe, April 2014.


The reference HDR scenes were obtained from the publicly available databases:


Narwaria, M., Perreira Da Silva, M., Le Callet, P., and Pépion, R., "Effect of tone mapping operator on visual attention deployment," 
in SPIE optics+photonics - Applications of Digital Image Processing XXXV, San Diego, 2012.


Particular TMOs are abbreviated as follows:

simple - Linear TMO
ac_simple - Linear TMO with optimized parameters

logarithmic - Logarithmic TMO
ac_logarithmic - Logarithmic TMO with optimized parameters

R0 - Reinhard's global TMO
ac_R0 - Reinhard's global TMO with optimized parameters

icam - iCAM06
ac_icam - iCAM06 with optimized parameters